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Para Vita Trainings

At Para Vita we believe that relationships are everything and as our world has gone digital, human-to-human relationships are more important than ever. Advances in AI technology will level the playing field for a number of industries and we believe that those businesses who thrive will be those who are great at forming and maintaining genuine relationships. And that's why we created our custom designed training programs at Para Vita.


Our trainings are provided by licensed family therapists and will help your company team maximize its ability to form and maintain healthy relationships. We will work with you to tailer a program to fit your needs. Below is a sample of what we can do for you:

  • Internal Relationship Building: to increase communication and teamwork within your company team.

  • External Relationship Building: to help your team form and maintain better relationships with current and future clients

  • Relationship Dynamics Trainings: for companies who work with families. We can help you better understand how family systems function and how to navigate them with the highest possible chance of trust building. As an example; we have done trainings like this for wealth management groups and real estate companies. 

  • Family relationship Building: This training is focused on helping your company team tend to their individual families in a way that allows them to fully engage in their professional roles. 

  • Family Insulation Training: This training designed specifically for professions that require extensive travel and time away from family.

  • Families of Coaches: This training is exactly what it sounds like. Family support for the families of coaches. Our founder, Dr. Ryan Smith, began his career as a football and basketball coach in Texas and is particularly passionate about ensuring that coaches know they don't have to sacrifice their families in order to win a title. 


This is just a sample of the trainings we have already provided. To get a better understanding of what we can do for you, use the form below to contact us directly. We will tailor a training to meet the specific needs of your company team. Trainings can be done virtually or in-person.  

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